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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about the company -
Auto Market Magazine a premier photo ad magazine primarily with private party ads began in Northern Minnesota in 1994. The magazine was distributed throughout the area thru grocery and gas stations.
Auto Market became www.myautomarket.com in 2000 designed to browse like the magazine for all computer users.  Avoiding the frustrating and complicated searches of other 'car for sale' web sites.
The magazine, much like many newspapers, has been discontinued. The web site has grown in circulation that a magazine never could, giving us a regular following of over 250,000 visits per month.  These visits are browsers spending five or more minutes on the web site.
In 2010 myautomarket.com has been joined with myheavyequipmentsite.com  expanding our coverage beyond the Midwest Area and focusing on advertising heavy equipment.
Where are these vehicles located?
We are constantly expanding our web site to reach a larger national audience.  To find out where specific telephone prefixes are located visit google and type in the phone number you are inquiring about.  Because of the popular use of cell phones a direct area cannot always be found. We encourage visitors to contact the party directly.
What does it mean to Run it Until it Sells?
Photo Ads run up to 1 year from date of ad being posted online. Customer can request longer by making a request before the one year expires. myad@myheavyequipment.com No refunds after ad copy has been taken or mailed in.
Why doesn't anyone return my call for a price change?
Myautomarket.com has committed substantial resources in building a National web-based service. With our expanding National coverage telephone price changes and consultations are substantially more expensive to support and are no longer an option with our current service structure. 

Use our easy online price change form at customer connection.
Print out the form confirmation for your records.

Why haven't I received the response I expected?
Selling a vehicle in today's market can be very difficult. Finding the right price to ask for your vehicle can present a challenge. Visit True Market Value in the left hand column to help you reach a reasonable asking price.  Please make sure all your phone numbers and email address are correct on your photo ad. contact us a.s.a.p.  Monitor your ad regularly by making price reductions as necessary.
How do I reinstate an ad that expired after one year?
click here to find out a simple discount available.


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