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Received a suspicious email? Trust your instinct and read below!



Technology has made it possible for criminals to counterfeit cashier checks. Contact your local bank to verify the authenticity of a cashier check before accepting it as payment.

Please beware of emails claiming to want to buy your vehicle sight unseen and sending you a cashier check for exact asking price plus shipping money.

Prosecuting such internet scams is difficult, but by forwarding your scams and us posting them, maybe we can protect others.

Please be assured we do not sell your email address to any other source.

Forward suspicious emails dealing with purchasing your vehicle  to: ads@myautomarket.com

Thank you

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-----Original Message-----
From: Mr Peters Andrew [mailto:auto.merchants@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 1:11 PM
Subject: RE: Method of Payment

I have forwarded your vehicle information to my client
and after evaluation and due to time constraint on the
fact that we are running short of time. I'm delighted
to tell you that my client has recommended your
vehicle, with full interest and he has instructed me
to carry on with his transaction.

He also instructed me to inform you that payment will
get to you in a cashier check of $10,000 which is a
refund payment of a cancelled order earlier made by my

Due to company policy this check has to be made out in
this amount to you, because company policy only allows
a refund payment on one cashier cheque. So you are
required to deduct the cost of your vehicle (car)
$2,250 when payment gets to you and refund balance
$7,250 to the Agent (our shipper) for him to be able
to offset shipping & tax charges, and other cosmetic
repair costs.

After payment has reached you and balance sent to
shipper,the shipper's agent will come for inspection,
pick up (of vehicle & signing of title papers), make
some cosmetic touches and drive to a prepaid shipper
to be shipped to my customer.

Please confirm this and forward the following
Phone number:
For payment to be made and send to you as soon as
possible. Your honesty, understanding and co-operation
will be highly appreciated.

Here is my client's Informations that will be used on
the Title:
Name: Francis Jamie
Address: 22 Ashdale Crecent, North Bay On. P1A 4L8.
Occupation:Former Haida Member.